24th International Congress of History of Science, Technology and Medicine

Applying for documentation

If you need an official letter of invitation or other documents to support an entry visa application or funding bid, please contact the University of Manchester’s conference services organisation, Confercare, who manage this service on our behalf. You should email your request to


where it will be picked up and responded to by Confercare staff.

To ensure that you get the document(s) you need as quickly as possible, please make sure that you state the following:

  • the reason(s) why you need documentation (immigration visa, bid for travel funds from your institution, etc)
  • your full name, in the exact format that will be needed for the documentation you are seeking
  • your current contact details
  • the full contact details of any specific organisation to which the letter should be addressed, if this is a requirement
  • details of any special information which needs to be covered in the letter.

Confercare staff have access to the current details of the Congress programme and registrations, and will verify all requests for accuracy.

If you are an accepted participant in a Congress symposium, speaker session, or special event, you may ask for this information to appear in the letter (this is often necessary for funding bids). Please indicate the code number of the relevant symposium or session.

If you have paid the registration fee for the Congress, we will confirm this in the letter if asked to do so. (Congress registration opens on Friday 15 February).

In other cases, we can produce a letter indicating that you have expressed an interest in attending the Congress, and verifying that it will go ahead on the dates indicated.

For more details on the documentation required to enter the UK, see Visas and other entry requirements on this website.