24th International Congress of History of Science, Technology and Medicine

Organising committees

The International Congress operates under the auspices of the Division of History of Science and Technology of the International Union for the History and Philosophy of Science (IUHPS/DHST). The organisation of the 24th Congress is co-ordinated by the British Society for the History of Science (BSHS), in its role as the United Kingdom's adhering body to the IUHPS/DHST.

Responsibility for programme decisions lies with an International Programme Committee, convened by the IUHPS/DHST. The programme will include symposia (thematic collections of papers) organised by the specialist Commissions of the IUHPS/DHST; organisers within each Commission are responsible for developing their own symposium offerings.

Responsibility for local arrangements lies with the BSHS, but is largely delegated to a Local Organising Committee based in Manchester, responsible for venue co-ordination, programme management, special activities, and management of the Congress on the ground; and to a National Executive Committee, responsible for co-ordinating efforts to support the Congress across the UK.

Details of the membership of the various committees may be found below, or on the IUHPS/DHST and BSHS sites, as follows:

International Programme Committee

Chair: Peter Bowler (Ireland)


Mitchell G Ash (Austria)
Ruth Barton (New Zealand)
Emilia Calvo (Spain)
Hasok Chang (UK; BSHS President 2012-14)
Alexandra Cook (Hong Kong, China)
Gowan Dawson (UK; BSHS Programmes Chair)
Rivka Feldhay (Israel)
Márcia H.M. Ferraz (Brazil)
Feza Günergun (Turkey)
Irfan Habib (India)
Klaus Hentschel (Germany)
Sally Horrocks (UK; BSHS President 2010-12)
Jeff Hughes (UK; Chair, Local Organising Committee)
Frank James (UK)
Barbara Kimmelman (USA)
Henrique Leitão (Portugal)
Bernard V Lightman (Canada)
Pablo Lorenzano (Argentina)
Giuliano Pancaldi (Italy)
Kostas Skordoulis (Greece)
Thomas Söderqvist (Denmark)
Ida Stamhuis (Netherlands)
James Sumner (UK; Co-chair, Local Organising Committee)
Éva Vámos (Hungary)
Sun Xiaochun (China)
Richard Yeo (Australia)

Local Organising Committee

Organisation within Manchester is led by members of the University of Manchester's Centre for the History of Science, Technology and Medicine (CHSTM), in association with colleagues from other institutions. Administrative support and venue/hotel liaison is provided by the University of Manchester's Event Management office (ConferCare).

Chair: Jeff Hughes (CHSTM)

Co-chair: James Sumner (CHSTM)

Administrator: Rachel Abbott


John Beckerson (Museum of Science and Industry)
Val Harrington (CHSTM)
Alex Hall (University of Manchester; chair, iCHSTM social media group)
James Hopkins (CHSTM)
Sally Horrocks (BSHS liaison)
Vladimir Janković (CHSTM)
David Kirby (CHSTM)
Rob Kirk (CHSTM)
Kenneth Letherman (Manchester Literary and Philosophical Society)
Conway Mothobi (Manchester Metropolitan University)
Neil Pemberton (CHSTM)
John Pickstone (CHSTM)
Katherine Platt (CHSTM)
Sam Robinson (CHSTM)
Sharon Ruston (University of Salford)
Dagmar Schäfer (Centre for Chinese Studies, University of Manchester)
Elizabeth Toon (CHSTM)
Simone Turchetti (CHSTM)
Leucha Veneer (CHSTM)
Michael Worboys (CHSTM)

National Executive Committee

Chair: Frank James (Royal Institution)


Victoria Bates (University of Exeter)
Tim Boon (Science Museum, London)
Sabine Clarke (University of York)
Peter Collins (Royal Society)
Gowan Dawson (University of Leicester; BSHS Programmes Committee liaison)
Rebekah Higgitt (National Maritime Museum)
Jenny Rampling (University of Cambridge)
James Stark (University of Leeds)
Klaus Staubermann (National Museum of Scotland)


iCHSTM owes a special debt of thanks to the many volunteers – mostly graduate students, from Manchester and other institutions across the UK – who gave up their time, unpaid, to act as Congress stewards. These are the people who staffed the events desk, dealt with audiovisual problems, gave out local advice, and provided countless other services across the week of the Congress:

Lead volunteers

Stuart Butler (co-ordinator)
Hannah Kershaw (co-ordinator)
Katherine Platt (events desk and tours)
Sam Robinson (brewery and pub liaison and chief fixer)
Alice White (co-ordinator)


Andrew Ball
Alexi Baker
Katy Barrett
Erin Beeston
Andrew Black
Roberto Cantoni
Imogen Clarke
Jade Dickinson
Nick Duvall
Seb Falk
Suzanne Grieve
David Hirst (social media and Congress Transmission)
Theo James
Ruth Laynez Gonzalez
Ageliki Lefkaditou
Johannes Lotze
Laura Neff
Matt Paskins
Cameron Roberts
Camilla Røstvik
Violeta Ruiz Cuenca
Jia-ou Song (social media and interviewing)
Nehuel Sznajderhaus
Leucha Veneer
Ruth Wainman