iCHSTM 2013 Programme • Provisional version 4.03, 2 July 2013
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BSHS stand
Monday 22 to Friday 26 July, 10.00–16.00
Location: University Place, Ground Floor (near main entrance)

This stand will be the hub for all information and conversation about the British Society for the History of Science, including samples of our British Journal for the History of Science and the colourful magazine Viewpoint. If you have signed up for the free temporary membership package, come and collect your complimentary copy of Viewpoint from here. The stand also has information about our activities, prizes, grants and outreach activities – and all sorts of interesting people to talk to.

Pictorial quiz

We will also be running a daily pictorial quiz: clues will be exhibited Monday to Friday nearby. Team up with someone else, or try it on your own, and drop off your answers at the stand. Each day's winner (and the correct answers) will be announced at 4pm; the prize is a £50 book token.

Hands-On Research

Each lunchtime (12:00-14:00) the BSHS will be showcasing a different HSTM project undertaken by one or more of its members. Touch artefacts, chat to researchers and take away ideas for your own work and funding. From chronometers to crochet …expect the unexpected. Drop in once, twice, or every day: the stall will be different every time, and the BSHS is waiting to welcome you!