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Newcomen: the International Society for the History of Engineering and Technology

Newcomen (formerly The Newcomen Society) was founded in 1920 by a group of Science Museum curators, industrialists and practising engineers to study the history of engineering in its widest sense. The Society was named for Thomas Newcomen, whose invention of the first practical working steam engine in the early 18th century enabled the great industrial and technological achievements which led to our modern age. Newcomen’s International Journal contains over 1000 peer-reviewed papers which reflect every aspect of these achievements, both nationally and internationally. These papers comprise an unparalleled corpus of original research material which forms the foundation of many subsequent studies.

Subjects include:

Full members are able to download free any of these papers. Membership of Newcomen also offers the opportunity to attend an annual programme of lectures in London, Birmingham, Newcastle, Manchester, Portsmouth and Edinburgh and to receive a quarterly newsletter.

Sponsoring the following events:
S007. Dynamics of knowledge: how technologies evolve, triumph and die
Fri 26 July, 09:10–12:40
J322. UK learned societies’ reception
Mon 22 July, 18:00–19:30