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HOGG: History of Geology Group

The UK’s History of Geology Group (HOGG) was inaugurated in 1994 to encourage interest in the lives and works of those scientists and philosophers who influenced both the study and the practice of geology. HOGG is affiliated to the Geological Society of London, the world’s first geological society, and many of its meetings are held in the Society’s apartments in Burlington House, Piccadilly, London.

HOGG is open to anyone with an interest in the history of geology, and it is not necessary to be a member of the Geological Society. HOGG runs two or three meetings a year, one of which is usually held outside London. Many meetings have field trips associated with them. The benefits of membership (£15) include discounts on all our meetings, three newsletters a year and enrolment on our discussion list, a lively forum for matters relating to the history of geology.

The Geological Society regularly publishes collections of papers based on the themes of HOGG meetings, and annually awards the Sue Tyler Friedman medal in recognition of distinguished contributions to the history of geology.

The History of Geology Group (HOGG) and the International Commission on the History of Geology (INHIGEO) are jointly sponsoring the 2013 INHIGEO Conference to be held during iCHSTM 2013.

Sponsoring the following events:
J322. UK learned societies’ reception
Mon 22 July, 18:00–19:30
E337. Nineteenth-century geological sections (lunchtime viewing session)
Fri 26 July, 13:00–13:30