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Institute of Physics History of Physics Group

This Institute of Physics Group was established in 1984.

The main aims of the Group are to promulgate and secure for the future the written, oral and instrumental record of British physics and to explore ways in which the history of scientific discovery can be used more effectively in the understanding, teaching and general communication of physics.  The Group provides a forum whereby the different and sometimes fragmented disciplines of physics and related subjects may interact fruitfully.

Whilst the primary concern is British physics, the Group takes an active interest in the history of physics and physicists from all countries.

Four major areas of interest have been identified:

  1. oral history and archives
  2. the history of experimentation and instruments
  3. the history of physics ideas
  4. the history of the interactions between physics and society

To achieve its aims, the Group holds at least two half- or one-day meetings each year.  These frequently highlight important anniversaries in physics and/or raise the profile of physicists.  Sometimes they are held in conjunction with other groups or societies.  The Group occasionally sponsors meetings or conferences organized by other bodies.  In addition a regular Newsletter, containing information on past and future meetings of the Group, articles on the history of physics, and news items, is produced and distributed to members as hard copy and in electronic form.

For further information, contact the Chairman: Professor Edward A Davis, ead34@cam.ac.uk.

Sponsoring the following event:
J322. UK learned societies’ reception
Mon 22 July, 18:00–19:30