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T204. Science and technology museums in context
Wed 24 July, 09:10–12:40 ▪ Uni Place 4.212
T204-A. Science and technology collections in museums
Wed 24 July, 09:10–10:40Uni Place 4.212
Chair: Robert G W Anderson | Clare Hall, Cambridge, United Kingdom
Emily Winterburn twitter | University of Leeds, United Kingdom
Hermione Giffard | Independent Scholar, Netherlands
Elisabete Pereira | University of Évora, Portugal
T204-B. Museum, history and nation
Wed 24 July, 11:10–12:40Uni Place 4.212
Chair: Aileen Fyfe twitter | University of St Andrews, United Kingdom
Hirotaka Yamada | RakunoGakuenUniversity,TeacherTrainingCenter, Japan
Sara Östlund Nilsson | The National Library of Norway, Norway
Marco Stella | Faculty of Science, Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic
Location: University Place 4.212
Part of: University Place