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A smellwalk of Manchester: can you smell Chinatown from here?
Event code: X383
Wed 24 July, 14:00–16:00 ▪ Walk starts outside the main entrance to the Manchester Museum

What better way to experience Manchester’s rich environmental history than to discover its olfactory side!

Join us for an exploration of the smells of Manchester’s streets, squares, neighbourhoods and waterways on an organised guided tour led by Dr Victoria Henshaw from the University of Manchester’s famous Smell and the City project.

Not to be sniffed at, the walk will combine both a smell experience of the city with information on the changing nature of urban smellscapes over time and is guaranteed to tantalise your nostrils, tickle your trigeminal nerve and fire your olfactory imagination. Smells and maps will be provided.

Dr Victoria Henshaw is a researcher and lecturer in the Manchester Architecture Research Centre, University of Manchester. Her work focuses upon the role of the senses, and in particular smell , in experiences, perceptions and the design of the city. Her book, Urban Smellscapes, will be published by Routledge in September 2013. Her research has featured widely in electronic and broadcast media around the world including the UK, mainland Europe, America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Japan. See her conducting a recent Smell Walk in Barcelona here.

There is no charge for this walk, but numbers are limited: please reserve your place in advance by emailing Dr Vlad Janković, vladimir.jankovic@manchester.ac.uk , with the subject line ‘smellwalk’.

Please wear comfortable walking shoes and remember to dress for the weather.

For more information about the Smell and the City project, please see the website at smellandthecity.wordpress.com.

Location: Walk starts outside the main entrance to the Manchester Museum
Coupland Street (off Oxford Road on the main University campus)
Some maps based on OSM data via Mapquest Open. Map data © Open Street Map and contributors, used with thanks.