24th International Congress of History of Science, Technology and Medicine


The full programme including timings is now available in web form:

You may also wish to use the following documents:

  • Full programme with abstracts (pdf, 10.4MB, finalised Friday 19 July). The complete listing, including details of all the events and full abstracts: use this to print off the full details of the symposia or sessions you are interested in, or keep the pdf to use on your own device. This pdf contains working links (like weblinks), which you can use to move between the schedule, abstracts, and presenter details.
  • Summary programme (pdf, 4.3MB, finalised Friday 12 July). This includes all the timings and locations of paper sessions and other events, but not the individual paper titles or abstracts. Each delegate will receive a free paper copy on arrival.

Please note: although the programme is finalised, it may be necessary to revise the details owing to late withdrawals or other changes beyond our control. It will not be possible to update the PDF documents, but the website version will be updated with the latest changes as far as possible, both before and during the Congress.

Further advice for attendees

See also the venue page for information about the site itself, and the travel pages for how to get there.