iCHSTM 2013 Programme • Version 5.3, 21 July 2013 • ONLINE (includes late changes)
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Timetable: lunchtime / evenings
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Sun 21 evening
Mon 22 lunch
Mon 22 evening
Tue 23 lunch
Tue 23 evening
Wed 24 lunch
Wed 24 evening
Thu 25 lunch
Thu 25 pm-early
Thu 25 pm-late
Thu 25 evening
Fri 26 lunch
Fri 26 evening
Sat 27 lunch
Sat 27 evening
Formal receptions and dinner Welcome RecJ321. Welcome reception
18:00-20:00 ▪ Manchester Museum
UKLS RecJ322. UK learned societies’ reception
18:00-19:30 ▪ Uni Place Drum
Civic RecJ323. Civic reception
19:00-21:00 ▪ Manchester Town Hall
MOSI RecJ324. Museum of Science and Industry reception
Congress DinnerJ325. Congress dinner
19:00-22:00 ▪ Manchester United Football Club
Other receptions ICOHTEC RecR326. ICOHTEC anniversary reception
17:45-18:45 ▪ Schuster Foyer
WISRNet launchR328. Women in Science Research Network launch
18:30-20:30 ▪ Manchester Museum
Lit and PhilR327. Literary and Philosophical Society reception
17:30-18:45 ▪ Schuster Foyer
TweetupR338. iCHSTM Tweetup
18:00-19:30 ▪ Ducie Arms
AnnalsR330. Annals of Science anniversary reception (invitation only)
17:30-19:00 ▪ Uni Place 4.209
MathsR329. Mathematics Commission reception
17:30-19:00 ▪ Uni Place Restaurant
Informal social programme Folk MusicK331. Music: The Noisy Frame. Lives of clothmakers in song and testimony, 1780-1840
21:00-22:30 ▪ Jabez Clegg
ComedyK332. Comedy: XS Malarkey
20:00-22:30 ▪ Jabez Clegg
Bright ClubK333. Comedy: Bright Club
21:00-22:30 ▪ Jabez Clegg
Dave HaslamK334. Music: Dave Haslam, Haçienda DJ
21:00-23:00 ▪ Jabez Clegg
Email SpecialK335. Music: Email Special
21:00-23:00 ▪ Jabez Clegg
Public events Turing OperaL346. The Turing Machine Opera, with Decode/Recode
18:15-20:00 ▪ Contact Theatre
Turing OperaL347. The Turing Machine Opera, with Decode/Recode ▪ Contact Theatre
Beer DoctorsL348. Chemists, brewers and beer-doctors
20:00-20:45 ▪ Jabez Clegg
Dingle PrizeL341. BSHS Dingle Prize lecture: David Wright, Downs: the history of a disability
18:00-19:00 ▪ Manchester Museum
Victorian ScienceL342. Victorian science spectacular
19:30-21:00 ▪ Portico Library
Tables TurnedL344. The tables turned: Victorian séance event
19:30-21:00 ▪ Portico Library
Special sessions City Speaks336. Screening: A City Speaks
18:00-19:30 ▪ Schuster Bragg
Geol SecE337. Nineteenth-century geological sections viewing
13:00-13:30 ▪ Uni Place 1.219
Lunchtime sessions Why blog?F303. Why blog? An introduction
13:00-13:45 ▪ Uni Place 4.205
CareersF317. Careers and funding: academia, museums, public institutions
13:00-13:45 ▪ Uni Place 4.205
CareersF318. Careers and funding: public engagement in HSTM
13:00-13:45 ▪ Uni Place 4.205
CareersF319. Careers and funding: policy advisors and history
13:00-13:45 ▪ Uni Place 4.205
Grad guideF311. Graduate students’ guide to Manchester
13:00-13:45 ▪ Uni Place 4.204
Grad guideF312. Graduate students’ guide to Manchester
13:00-13:45 ▪ Uni Place 4.204
Publishers: MUPF315. Publisher advice session: Manchester University Press, thesis to book
13:00-13:45 ▪ Uni Place 4.206
MetricsF316. Publisher advice session: Metrics and journal rankings
13:00-13:45 ▪ Uni Place 4.204
Committee meetings Mod
PhysC264. Modern Physics Commission business meeting
12:45-13:45 ▪ Roscoe 2.5
TeachingC283. Teaching Commission business meeting
12:45-13:45 ▪ Uni Place 3.205
BSHS EGMC275. BSHS Extraordinary General Meeting
12:45-13:45 ▪ Schuster Blackett
East AsiaC266. East Asia Commission business meeting
17:45-19:00 ▪ Room 2.57, Simon Building
dallC276. Tyndall Correspondence Project meeting
12:45-13:45 ▪ Uni Place 3.205
GeogC257. History of Geography IUC business meeting
09:10–10:40 ▪ Uni Place 4.214
ologyC254. Meteorology Commission business meeting
12:45-13:45 ▪ Uni Place 1.218
Walks and tours: Congress site MMM352. Manchester Museum tour
CamHisM241. Campus history walk
MMM356. Manchester Museum tour
CamHisM243. Campus history walk
MMM363. Manchester Museum tour
CamHisM245. Campus history walk
MMM373. Manchester Museum tour
MMM381. Manchester Museum tour
CamHis ChemM248. Campus history walk: chemistry
CamHis BiolMedM249. Campus history walk: biology and medicine
CamHisM250. Campus history walk
CamHis PhysM240. Campus history walk: physics
CamHis ChemM242. Campus history walk: chemistry
CamHis NorthM244. Campus history walk: North Campus
MM HerbM374. Manchester Museum herbarium tour
CamHis PhysM247. Campus history walk: physics
TuringM384. A short walk about Turing
CamHisM246. Campus history walk
Excursions, off-site tours and visits Mus of TransportX360. Heritage bus trip and tour of the Museum of Transport
Quarry Bank MillX232. Quarry Bank Mill and Styal Estate excursion
Chatsworth (full day)X231. Chatsworth House excursion (FULL DAY)
WCMLX367. Working Class Movement Library tour
V&E WalkX365. Guided walk: Victorian and Edwardian Manchester
IWMNX370. Imperial War Museum North tour: ‘Saving Lives’
IWMNX371. Imperial War Museum North tour: ‘Saving Lives’
P&J WalkX366. Guided walk: Manchester peace and justice trail
Pol MX368. Police Museum tour
PHMX369. People’s History Museum tour
Chetham’sX386. Chetham’s Library tour
Railway MusX385. National Railway Museum tour in York
Med & Health CollM387. University medicine and health collections